Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why i choose Herbalife

Today i want to talk about Herbalife that has changed my life to be more healthy.
1)    Herbalife??
First time was introduced to Herbalife is by my sponsor, I’m not so sure with this product.

2)    Why I use this product?
Main aim is to use these products to lose weight and healthy

     3)  What is my problem??
My main problem is overweight, severe sinus.
My confidence to deal with people is very low because of my physical appearance.
But, alhamdulillah,
I was introduced to Herbalife that changed my life
Now I am in the process of lowering my weight.

      4) Result
I can lose weight 5kg in 1 month.
 In the past, want to lose weight by 1 kg is very difficult and I think it is impossible


Thanks to Herbalife ........... I changed with the help of Herbalife

     5) How??
For those who would want to lose weight, gain weight and maintain health,  and want be more healthy
Please contact me: 017-8268189,
Insyaallah with this step, you will be changed to better health.

Do not listen to people or make your own conclusions if you do not try by yourself

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